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1963 Ford Galaxie 500 Fastback – Restoration

Restoring the 1963.5 Ford Galaxie 500 Fastback The time is finally here. Our 1963 1/2 Ford Galaxie 500 Fastback 390cu H-code, is being restored. Our Galaxie was acquired in 1988 but didn’t get running until 1994. It was a daily driver from 1994 through 1996 when it was parked. At the time I decided to park her, I had become exhausted of trying to maintain the car. Parts were so hard to find. And they were super expensive if you could find them. For example, a new master cylinder was about $280. Now you can get one for $35. Parts

Car AC refrigerant

How to charge the AC in a car

Summer is in full force and if it seems like your car’s air conditioner isn’t blowing as cold as it once did, there’s a good chance you simply need to recharge it. Recharging the AC can be done in just a few minutes and typically doesn’t require any tools. I recommend using

air fuel mixture screws carburetor adjustment

How to tune the carburetor in a Ford Bronco

We rebuilt the carburetor in our 1978 Ford Bronco a month or so ago and promised we’d do a follow up post on how to “tune” it. Ours is a 1978 Ford Bronco that goes by the name of Javelina Sue (it’s safe to say she likes her mud). Well, winter is behind us now. It’s getting warm again, and the easiest way to describe the carburetor problem is that she’s “breathing heavy”; the engine idle is irregular and sporadic. So it’s time to give the carb a tune! If you’re not familiar with basic carburetor and choke mechanics, don’t worry


How to rebuild a carburetor in a 1978 Ford Bronco

Sure you want to rebuild that carburetor! It’s fun and is a good way to ensure your car or truck is running at peak performance – from an air/fuel mixture standpoint. Today, we’re going to rebuild the carburetor in our 1978 Ford Bronco.  Ours has a leak, which we suspect is from a float bowl gasket. The fuel is draining onto the intake manifold before the fuel system can build sufficient pressure resulting in the truck not starting. That’s good because if this occurred while the engine was hot and running, it most likely would cause an engine fire and

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bronco alternator

Sunday Truck Project: Alternator swap

It’s time to swap out the alternator in the 1978 Ford Bronco. The headlights began flickering and fading in and out, and then the truck suddenly died while I was driving it.  I had the local parts store test the alternator just to make sure, and it indeed had a bad diode. So, we ordered a new one and it’s time to put it in. We’ll walk you through the quick alternator removal, install, and diagnostic testing afterward. It’ll be helpful if you have a

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Project Bronco

We purchased this 1978 Ford Bronco Custom 4×4 as a restoration project and overall fun outdoor vehicle. This Bronco was owned for 29 years by a man in Prescott, AZ. It was well taken care of and handed over to another lucky owner in south Scottsdale, AZ in 2006. We acquired it in October 2012 after it had sat for 9 months. It has the original owner’s manual with all maintenance records and receipts since 1978! The Bronco had been rolled while rompin’ down in

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